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Meet the Doctors

Meet Dr. Matt Thompson

Dr. Matt was introduced to chiropractic care at a young age; he comes from a long line of chiropractic practitioners. Although you may assume that it was just in the blood, Dr. Matt came to truly appreciate the practice through personal experience. As an athlete in high school he became very familiar with injury. Doctors prescribed easy-fix drugs and stretches that never seemed to stick. After he finally saw a chiropractor following a specific incident, a spinal fracture was quickly identified and addressed through natural care. He was then able to continue to be active; something he still enjoys pain-free today!

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He graduated from Life University alongside his wife and partner Dr. Jessica Thompson in 2007. Education took him from the pain model to the brain model; meaning he finally understood that to truly heal the body, pressure needed to be removed from the nervous system.

Dr. Matt has always been an active servant in his community.  He volunteers in many areas of his community, currently sitting on the NC Chiropractic Association board, JoCo Child Fatality Prevention Team and facilitates groups at Recovery Alive.

Dr. Matt is passionate about educating his patients on the power of chiropractic so that they too can understand what health truly means and connect to their body and their life in healthier, more productive ways.

Dr. Jessica Thompson

Meet Dr. Jessica Thompson

Dr. Jessica is a third generation Chiropractor.  She grew up visiting the office and helping out at the young age of 12.  Her father would often proclaim, “You have great chiropractic hands!” In that office she connected to teaching people about health and seeing the amazing results of care. She grew up hardly getting sick and quickly recovering from any mishaps during sports — learning first-hand and at a very young age the benefits of chiropractic.

She graduated from Life University in 2007 and was inspired by the passion and happy demeanor of her instructors. She could see that they lived a life of purpose and were constantly trying to better themselves; something she strived for herself.

While Dr. Jessica is only in the office part time, you may catch her on the phone as she oversees Align Family Chiropractic business operations.  When she isn’t in the office, Dr. Jessica enjoys spending time with her 4 kids, and mentoring women in spiritual and physical health.  She is a part of leadership with Temple City Church’s Recovery Alive. Her passion for helping healing (spiritual, emotional, and physically) is one that motivates her on a daily basis.

Dr. Jessica is passionate about empowering families through chiropractic care.

Enjoying A New Community

Photo of the Thompson familyDr. Matt and Jessica have 4 children of their own and are well acquainted with the stress of parenting but with the family’s health in tact that stress is reduced. When they’re not active outdoors, they are active in the community and giving back wherever they can.

After a very successful practice in Denver, Colorado where they were routinely rated as the #1 family chiropractor, they opened a brand new practice in North Carolina — which is Dr. Matt’s home state! They look forward to empowering and impacting this new community through their practice and hope to raise and inspire leaders.

Approach to Chiropractic

The health of the family unit is crucial to the well-being of an individual and in turn the well-being of the community. The ultimate goal is to get your family aligned and we do whatever it takes to get your family meeting their health goals. We’re rooting for you!


Learn More About Dr. Matt and Jessica Thompson

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